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Music plays in the style of Rock шансон pop Quick Overview: Ukrainian online radio broadcasts from Mariupol - DurDom. Listen to pop, rock music and become a regular patient a unique radio station.
DurDom radio.
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"Radio DurDom" (Madhouse radio) is broadcast online from the Ukrainian city of Mariupol. No aspect radio broadcast you will hear: humor, original songs and rock music, popular rock songs. DurDom is an online radio station listening to you get a positive mood. And you're listening to is already preparing to attack endorphins in the body's cells. Good rock music is in the air radio DurDom.

DurDom radio Mariupol

You are listening to the radio and become a DurDom patient and even hostage to good rock music!

Historic phrase before creating:
So got FM radio station that had to do everything yourself!

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What sounds on radio?
Selections music properly assembled in rotation hit songs of foreign artists, a large proportion of English-speaking and Russian-speaking authors.

If you are tired of the hype fm radio stations, listen to the radio and enjoy good rock music. The robotic voice is gud but about his DurDom-DJs do not forget.
Listen to the radio online using DurDom playservice bestradio.fm - listen to radio online catalog of all radio stations.

30.03.2018 DurDom radio — UA
Слухати Радіо ДурДом - українською
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