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Music plays in the style of pop rnb Rock Quick Overview: Ukrainian radio broadcasts on the Internet. Listen to "Radio Yaskrave" - songs of Ukrainian artists live. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Yaskrave radio.
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"Yaskrave Radio" is Ukrainian music and entertainment Internet radio station. On the air of our radio songs sound contemporary Ukrainian artists. Live broadcast from Kiev holding. This radio is oriented to create a favorable mood accompanying fruitful work - "Yaskrave" radio for office workers. The active life position contributes to the development and improvement of performance. Listen to your favorite Ukrainian songs and get a charge of vivacity and activity throughout the day.

Radio Yaskrave

Outgoing leading radio Vika and Sasha in the program " Morning breakfast" inform and amuse, and will be interviewed and will ask questions of the original studio guests "Yaskravogo radio." Listen to Ukrainian music styles: pop, rock, rnb, indie-pop, electronic music, trance, house, drum 'n' bass, chatter, electro, rap, hip-hop, ethno in modern processing and alternative music.

Programs for office workers on Radio "Yaskrave":
1. Bosses and managers (dedicated to business owners and tell you how to navigate in today's business space and multiply your state)
2. Secretaries (professional advice, useful tips for secretaries)
3. Our cats (tips, interesting facts, all about cats)
4. Dogs (how and where to choose a chetyrehlapogo other, all of the dogs)
5. On the date (councils, where and with whom to go, and how to behave)

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This high-quality musical product of Ukrainian performers, "Yaskrave" listen to radio online using a rating Bestradio.fm
Also, the administration of the radio station creates various contests with prizes for young Ukrainian artists. Song of the season - the winners of the promotion will be created video.

22.06.2017 Yaskrave radio
Слухати Яскраве радіо - українською
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