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Music plays in the style of музыка 80-х музыка 90-х pop шансон Quick Overview: Kyiv 98 FM radio has a very diverse music format: it can be described as a combination of chanson, Ukrainian drinking songs and pop 80s and 90s, also broadcast news of the city. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Kyiv Radio 98 FM.
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Kyiv Radio 98 FM - Wave useful for all residents of the capital, because every half hour in its news broadcast sound exhausted city. In addition, the wave keeps its listeners informed of all changes in the world of music, cinema, domestic show business and lives in Kiev.
Motto Radio Kiev 98 FM - «We know what happens in!».

Radio Kyiv

Under this banner «Radio Kiev 98 FM» can listen to for several years now. Minus the radio coverage area is small - only Kiev.
Music format FM Radio Kiev 98 very diverse: it can be described as a combination of chanson, Ukrainian drinking songs, as well as the best of the music that came to us from the turbulent 80's and 90's harsh.

 Also broadcast radio diluted interesting information projects. Gardeners "hang" on the transfer of «Gardening: Diary of the Kyiv summer resident», wishing to know a lot about famous people and their lives - on the show «Speaker-time Person», in the author's program " Hudsovєt " can be found with a look at past musical era and their individual representatives, as well as a good laugh during the transmission of "Anecdotes from godparents" and dance to «Dance in Ukrainian».
Of interactive radio transmission can be distinguished «Welcome to dinner» and «Shipping greetings».

Radio Kyiv 98fm

Listen to Online Radio 98 FM Kiev with us - a pleasure.
If you've ever visited Kiev randomly stumbled on Live Radio Kiev 98 FM, listen to you it was very nice, and at home, wherever you nebyli, you miss it - not in a hurry to get upset. "Listen Radio Kyiv" 98 FM online - no worse and also free.

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