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Music plays in the style of pop музыка 90-х Quick Overview: Play «DNK Radio» - hits and Web foreign and Russian music performers. This radio for thinking people and respectful of the quality music over the air. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
DNK Radio.
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«DNK radio» - the Russian-speaking Ukrainian radio station, broadcasting from Kiev. The bulk of the ether occupy the best in the world Hits that were rated (perfectly), many listeners.
Radio broadcast aimed at people who appreciate high-quality hit songs. Start Internet wave broadcasts are dated January 2015. The basis of the radio became the creative team of professional media workers.

DNK Radio Kyiv
Interactivity DNK also confirmed the presence of the original broadcasts and interview guests in the studio conducive to communication and expression of views of listeners (calls, messages).
Funny entertainment radio will help you in difficult moments to smile and cheer.

On Air DNK Radio listen to such programs:
ThEfir (Wednesday 20.00)
Aloha (every hour from 10:00 to 20:00)
Our Know (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 20:00)
Red tablet with black bunny (Wednesday 22:00)
Lady Million (weekdays 12:40, 19:40)
Walking (11:40, 16:40, 21:40)

Play "DNK Radio" online Kiev Ukraine
Radio broadcasts two streams: DNK Radio (foreign) and DNK Nashe (Russian-speaking performers). Select and listen to online radio service using hops Bestradio.fm
A site using a form that accurately conveyed greetings sound in the air.

22.03.2020 Radio DNK Kyiv — UA
Слухати Радіо ДНК - українською
Слушать DNK Radio - на русском

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