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Music plays in the style of pop Jazz Quick Overview: Play online Kiev wave of "Radio Aristocrats" - Aristocrats (pop songs), Amusic (pop songs), Ajazz (music. Jazz). Best pop and jazz music is played live. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Aristocrats.
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Radio Aristocrats.
Aristocratic popular music is a quality response to bad taste and hackneyed pop chanson. Kiev Russian-language digital radio wave Aristocrats will help you to hear the best pop music!

Aristocrats FM Kyiv

Aristocrat is devoteds.
Aristocratic popular music is a quality response tastelessness chanson and pop jams. Kiev Russian-language digital radio wave Aristocrats will help you to hear the best pop music! Excellent top to get a working practice known broadcasting companies got together and created a wonderful online radio station with an impressive qualifying songs in playlists. For the first time on the air and began broadcasting online February 9, 2014. It was unforgettable, source of good humor in the image of a pleasant voice sociable leading and unique music playlists - create apotheosis of emotion, and generate positive.

What radio broadcasts?
Ether Aristocrats his informative and interactive programs are interested in a lot of listeners, and the rapid development and the search for current musical trends - attracting a new audience. Today, there are three types of stream-broadcasts - Aristocrats (pop songs), Amusic (pop songs), Ajazz (jazz music).

Aristocrats - new characters, new time.
Aristocratic transmission: Jazz Time; Keddrocast; TheSelector; Bitologiya BobRovski; Big Fisun; Іnternatsіonal; How to be; Kamon the play!; Noble Club singer; Club Ernest Hemingway; Cultural Workshop Koshman; On the needle; Not behind the bar; The reverse side of the Wind; Celebrates life; Tales of the World; Night languid; Morning Show; This evening;
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