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Radio Vesti UA.
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Description Radio Vesti UA

"Vesti Radio" - radio wave is famed for its unique news releases and transfers in which everyone can express their views through to the radio studio. Main airtime allocated for radio transmission and informative news releases. Listen to broadcast live from the star journalists, politicians, the military, athletes, community activists and interesting personalities able to open their world view and discuss various topics with the audience in the studio.

Radio "Vesti" Kyiv online.
Wave broadcasts in Kiev, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk. Transmission line that will please many listeners: At the peak of events, Nicholas Shaw in September, Money Blinov Post Kalnysha, dialogue, Pavel Sheremet Show, Great interview, Max opinions, fresh look, War of the Worlds, esters of Goncharova and Beletsky, along with Morning M. Ganapolsky.

Kyiv - 104,6 FM
Dnipropetrovsk - 107,7 FM
Kharkiv - 100,5 FM

Listen and watch online news on "Radio Vesta" Kyiv, Ukraine.
Using radio service Bestradio.FM listen to your favorite radio station and read the news online project Vesta Radio. After today be in the know is to be aware of, and thus warned the situation and respond quickly.

Live communication with the audience and the audience in the studio calls a phone number - (044) 390-104-6

Kyiv, str. Shovkovychna 42/44
Secretary - (044) 390 52 61 390 51 10
Calls to the studio during the broadcast - (044) 390 104 6
Marketing (promotional cooperation, partnership) - (044) 591-03-15, internal nomer.70-92
Department of Commerce (Advertising ether) - (044) 390-52-62

07.08.2019 Radio Vesti UA
Слухати Радіо Вєсті - українською
Слушать Radio Vesti UA - на русском

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