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Music plays in the style of news pop Quick Overview: Magnolia radio broadcasts information about events occurring in Kiev and Ukraine. Also operative interview scene (traffic accident, fire, resonant offense). Pop canned Magnolia lift your mood. Listen to the radio online Magnolia. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Magnolia radio.
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Radio Magnolia.
Always be aware of all the events occurring today have an exceptional resonance in society, help - Magnolia radio. Being aware of this means to protect themselves and feel confident today and tomorrow.

Information and news project - radio "Magnolіya." Hearing to live - this is the main slogan of Ukrainian radio station that broadcasts in Kiev.

Listen to the latest news that took place in Kiev and Ukraine. Radio Magnolia tell you about the events and news reports faster interactively acquaint you with recent incidents.
Interviews with participants in incidents promptly to the scene are the journalists. Fast and informative, you'll learn all about life in Ukraine and in the world. Travel news, traffic accidents, fires, and the offense occurred in a city full list of events and voiced inform you - our radio station. Radio online free listen - listen Magnolia.

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(044) 206-99-99 Phone live broadcast, call to participate in the discussion of topical issues.

Radio "Magnolіya" - listen to live!

Magnolia radio 26.07.2015
Слухати Магнолія - українською
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