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Music plays in the style of pop Rock Quick Overview: Radio broadcasts from Konotop in comfort: pop music, trance, rock and even electro house. Listen to the radio station will be pleasant and interesting to everyone (especially young people at night). Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Express radio.
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Express radio Konotop

Express is a radio broadcasting of Konotop Sumy region. Ukraine, where she regularly listen on the frequency 106,2 FM locals who use analog receivers. This is a young radio, but has a clear concept of development - Hits of all time.

What to listen to the radio wave Express Online?

The concept of broadcasting stations and relevant vzaimnodopolnimo blend genres of pop, rock and trance (trance broadcast from 00 to 4 in the morning). On Air Express, you can listen to music about divided into parts - 70% of the fresh tracks of young performers and 30% - proven hit songs from famous artists: Agatha Christie, BBC 2, Bonzhovi, DDT, Zemfira, Cinema, Lapis, Mumiy Troll, Nautilus , Picnic, Earring, Scorpions, Spleen, Dancing minus, Siskin, etc. In fact, for every listener from 16 to 88 and find your favorite lyrics that you hear in the Express Konotop.
Also, the air quality musical compositions diluted slow to create balance and rhythmic transition from fast songs to compositions ballad.
The program "Night express" only sounds at night youth music trance. On Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 14:00 listen to the program "Our congratulations" is an interactive transmission of this opportunity to congratulate live with a loved one and book a holiday song.

Konotop station fits very sensitive to the selection of the radio broadcast of music so it will be interesting to all, young and old because - listen to the radio Express.

Radio online free listen, you can use the service to listen rating. Recommended listening connoisseurs hits KonoTOP 106,2 FM radio Express.

03.04.2018 Radio Express Konotop — UA
Слухати Експрес радіо - українською
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