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Music plays in the style of pop disco dance Quick Overview: Radio listening Perec fm interest in the development of show business and social life, cinema novelties and, of course, the music, because the news is always fresh, honest and timely. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Perec fm.
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Perec fm - a radio station that calls itself as "Stylish radio".

First on Radio FM Perec could listen to April 1, 2005. Launch date of the new station was chosen as the name though, because from the beginning it was positioned as the first musical and humorous radio in Ukraine.

Perec fm radio

Something which, as humor is actually missing, even more - it 's stylish enough to Perec radio FM. Play online a variety of fun, jokes, entertainment you can practically every 3-7 minutes.
Of music, here only hits: modern Ukrainian, Russian and foreign hits and songs that have already passed the shutter time and remained afloat in the world famous charts leading radio resources.

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In addition, a guest today on FM Perec often popular stars of the music industry, film makers and other interesting people.
Perec fm radio also listen through interest to secular life, the development of show business, cinema and new products, of course, the music, because the news is always fresh, honest and timely.

Perec fm Kiev

Wave FM radio broadcast Perec in Kiev - 105,5 FM. Also on their radios wave of stylish Perec can catch people Nikolaev (104,1 FM), Sevastopol (105,6 FM) and 39 different Ukrainian cities.

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04.01.2017 Perec fm ua
Слухати Перець ФМ - українською
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