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Music plays in the style of Rock Lounge House pop Quick Overview: Puree the radio, it is recommended to listen to all lovers of good foreign music pop-rock, synth-pop, soul, big city house and Lounge. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Puree radio.
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Puree - who wants to listen to the radio.
  If you like to listen to a positive fresh and modern music then listen to "puree". Kiev station conducts online broadcast of selected music content - contemporary quality music.

Listen to Puree.
Listen really Favorite Music adaptive and just a pleasant radio - Puree. Well thought out schedule sounding songs in translation.
  Radio puree is an electronic sound of music genres, pop-rock and synth-pop, soul, big city house and lounge. In the broadcast program and also sound interesting column (Restoration - past decades songs sound).

Basically it is an invigorating rotation charging pop-rock and lounge music that you can listen to all day long.

Puree the radio that you want to recommend listening to all lovers of good foreign music pop-rock, synth-pop, soul, big city House and Lounge.
  Listen to radio online Radio MASH, Kiev station. Fresh and modern music sounds on mashed potatoes.

MASH - the first Russian online radio broadcasting for which no shame.

Kiev - Ukraine

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24.03.2019 Puree radio — UA
Слухати Пюре радіо - українською
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