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Music plays in the style of news Quick Overview: Ukrainian radio first channel - broadcasts live music and transfer of cognitive and socio-economic Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Ukrainian radio 1ch.
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Ukrainian radio first channel - broadcasts live news news about events in Ukraine and in the world, entertaining musical editions and transmission of social and political trends. In radio studio also raised and discussed the socio-economic themes and literary programs. To listen to interesting music programs and competitions on "Channel Ukrainian radio." Broadcasting station includes programs for children and youths, who clearly love the younger generation, and will be received with enthusiasm.
Listen to the first channel of Ukrainian radio useful and informative!
Ukrainian radio station is broadcast in the native language for all Ukrainians and promptly inform and reveal all the important events in political, social and economic life of the country.

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Professional radio with positive leading voices wake you up in the morning and cheer up musical compositions and popular songs. Be informed about the weather and exchange rates, as well as tell what exciting events await you throughout the day.
Listen Ukrainian radio online recommend, and will hear the rating sites, which is available to listen from anywhere in the world.
Want to find out information like live Ukraine? Wants to meet with Ukrainian literature and art, and enormous cultural achievements?
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Ukrainian radio first channel - Ukraine
st. Khreschatyk, 26, 01001 Kiev, Ukraine
Phone: 239-61-03

19.08.2019 Ukrainian radio 1 channel — UA
Слухати Перший канал Українське радіо - українською
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