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Music plays in the style of news Rock pop Quick Overview: Radio "Golos Stolicy 106 fm" broadcasts live music and news, listen to enable extended news about events in Kiev and in the world. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Golos Stolicy 106 fm.
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Radio Golos Stolicy broadcast live on Wave 106 FM in Kyiv. Many in the capital listening to the channel and of course because there is listening: a set of gears, expertise in the field of economics and politics, including extensive news about events in Kiev and the world. Everything is seasoned promptly filed to date information will be the best gift for a resident or guest Kyiv.

Golos Stolicy Kiev

Radio Golos Stolicy of Kyiv (106 FM) uses the information and broadcasting music format (50% news to 50% of the music content). Journalists produce interesting radio programs that many listeners will appreciate because they affect the subject of many current issues.

That sounds on "Golos Stolicy"?
A live, you can listen to the information on the following topic:
Hi-tech - news Tehnomir tehnonovinok please you and advancements in the electronics world.
Jail - all for motorists
Events - events that happen in the near future in Kiev
Living is easy - all about a healthy lifestyle and recreation - fitness, sauna and diet.
Cultural environment - news releases and albums artists and music groups
Fashionable things ( all about fashion, fashion trends, for the most stylish clothes that wear mods ?)
Real capital (all the prices of Flats )
Un Certain Regard - news and expert opinion in the various areas of interest to the audience (literature, showbiz, sports)
The first - bright news ( life stories of people)
Retrofayly - Historical Facts
Steering - vehicle information and news about developments and innovations in the automotive industry.

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Special Projects stations:
-"The American Dream, or the tale of a great country"
-"Ukraine and the EU: the truth for Ukrainian exporters"
-"Fed: policy influence"
-"TEDx Kyiv: 5 years later"
-"Business - Emigration in - Ukrainian"
-"Business Empire: Printing version"
-"Opening Campaign - 2013"
-"Declaration or profanity"
-"Economics 2014"
-"Appreciate startup"
-"Ukraine's liberation from the Nazis"
-"Zone of turbulence"
-"Map investor"
-"Cliffs of the original"
-"IMF lifesavers or eternal dependence"
-"Metro Troyeschyna"
-"Hunters values"
-"Monarchy in Crisis"
-"Science of the Future"
-"New Klondike"
-"Parliamentary matrix"
-"The political fall: at the Crossroads"
-"Born in the USSR. Economic ties CIS"
-"A Taste of globalization"
-"Bet on the hryvnia"
-"The financial crisis of 2008. Science of Survival"
-"Knight's move"

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Capitals Voice 106 FM listening to a lot of people, all the audience of 35-55 years - people for whom it is important to know the latest news and be aware of all events.

03.09.2019 Golos Stolicy 106 FM — UA
Слухати Голос Столиці 106 ФМ - українською
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