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Music plays in the style of pop disco Quick Overview: Radio from Odessa. Listen to songs and music tested by time. In the studio there are interesting, famous residents of the city. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
World Odessa Radio.
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Description World Odessa Radio

Odessa World Radio

 Music broadcast entertainment radio. Good music and fun programs. Odessa World Radio is an Internet radio station.

Programs on the radio:

  • Says Odessa
  • Walking through literary Odessa
  • From the Soviet Information Bureau
  • Communal kitchen
  • and others.

List of singers of the World Odessa Radio

  • Bryan Ferry
  • Dalida
  • Desireless
  • Elton John
  • France Gall
  • Garou
  • Little Richard
  • Toto Cutugno
  • Alexander Rosenbaum
  • Alexey Glyzin
  • Alla Pugacheva
  • American
  • Valentin Kuba
  • Valentina Easkostupova
  • Vladimir Vysotsky
  • Zhanna Bichevskaya
  • Zinovy ​​Vysokovsky
  • Igor Sklyar
  • Lyudmila Senchina
  • Mikhail Boyarsky
  • Oleg Bukhartsev
  • Eduard Gil
  • and many other musicians.

World Odessa internet radio
World Odessa Radio listen online. Multiple broadcast channels, to choose from: 16 kbps for low-quality transmission, and 128kbps for 3G and 4G networks.

Contacts Odessa radio:
Country Ukraine
The city of Odessa

10.01.2020 Internet radio Odessa — UA
Слухати Всесвітнє Одеське радіо - українською
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