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Music plays in the style of news народные песни Quick Overview: Carpathian radio from the capital of Hutsulshchina. A unique and unique radio station on the media market. Promptly notifies about the events of the region. Listen to the tracks of the Ukrainian stage, high-quality musical hits, incendiary Hutsul melodies and songs, programs and many contests. In the newscasts, you will hear about secular life in the Carpathians, eminent guests of our region and city. All about tourism, interesting tourist places in the Carpathians. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Hutsul capital 107.4FM.
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Radio Hutsul Capital 107.4 FM

The radio station was officially registered on November 24, 2008 as "Verkhovyna News". A full license for broadcasting on FM frequencies was received already in 2017. A wide audience of listeners connects people with different ages and musical tastes. The team is small, but we are united by the idea of ​​development. A trio of creative employees sets the direction of the development of programs and music content, the quality of which is controlled by the sound producer, but the accountant's profit counts.

Leaders and employees of the radio station:

  • L. Vatamanyuk
  • I. V. Skomatchuk
  • O. I. Gapchuk
  • A. S. Pankiv
  • Freelance staff:
  • Father John Ribaruk
  • I. I. Grechuk

Radio Hutsul capital 107.4FM
Listen to the radio "Hutsulskaya capital" online. On the air, you will hear good quality sound channel radio station.

Contacts of the radio station:
Country Ukraine
City: Verkhovyna (Ivano-Frankivsk region)

20.03.2020 Radio Hutsul capital Ivano-Frankivsk region — UA
Слухати Гуцульська столиця 107.4 ФМ - українською
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