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Music plays in the style of Lounge Quick Overview: Best modern music on the air of the Ukrainian radio. Listen to pleasant and relaxing musical compositions. Soothing and tuning to a positive and balanced rhythm of life. Radio with sources from the Dnieper with its history of development will surprise many listeners - excellent compilations of Relax of romantic music. Listen and you will appreciate our broadcast without advertising and news, only music for relaxation. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Premier radio Dnepr.
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Description Premier radio Dnepr

Radio Premier

The first broadcast of the Ukrainian Internet radio station took place on 2.09.2006. Broadcasting was organized on three sleeping massifs of the city of Dnepr. Dignified by the listeners - Radio Premier continued its development on the Internet. Already today we are available for listening anywhere in the world. Broadcasts of light modern and romantic music live streaming compositions that relax and improve the mood.
The Best relax Music — Premier radio Dnepr

Modern LIGHT music:

  1. Relax
  2. Lounge
  3. Chillout
  4. New Age

List of performers on air Radio Premier:

  • Christophe Lebled
  • Schiller Feat. Despina Vandi
  • Virtualmind
  • Gareth Weston With Sunset Heat & Magdelayna
  • Deva Premal
  • John Serrie
  • Late Night Alumni
  • and many others.

Listen to the radio Premier online. Live music for relaxation. The quality channel of translation is 128 kb/s. To listen to all, the best music radio stations Bestradio.FM.
Premier radio Dnepr
Contacts radio Premier:
Ukraine, the Dnieper.
+38 (093) 479-45-45

+90 (531) 847-30-04
Turkey, Antalya.

03.11.2017 Premier radio Dnepr online — UA
Слухати Прем'єр радіо Дніпро - українською
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