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Music plays in the style of news dance pop Quick Overview: Ukrainian radio from the Lugansk region. To listen always actual news of region. Good music selections of different styles of modern dance and popular music. Favorite songs sound for all listeners of Ukraine and on the Internet for the whole world. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Puls Ua Radio.
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Ukrainian FM radio station. It broadcasts from the Lugansk region. Listen to the radio on the latest regional news and events in the world. Good and varied music sounds for all listeners. We are a quality alternative to the resistance to Russian information propaganda in the Lugansk region and Ukraine. With the help of radio, send greetings to your loved ones and order songs.
Radio - a living organism, it grows, develops, acquires experience, responds to all the demands of society, which must certainly become civil - Radio Puls

Radio station broadcasting styles:

  • Dance
  • Popular
  • Disco
  • Pop Rock
  • MFN

Frequency of broadcasting radio Pulse FM:

  • 105.9 FM - Severodonetsk, Lisichansk, Rubezhnoe.
  • 99.5 FM - Luganskaya village
  • 100.6 FM - Starobelsk
  • 100.1 - Zorinivka
  • 103.6 - Bakhmutovka
  • 102.9 - Markovka
  • 101.9 - Biloluck
  • 103.5 - Svatovo
  • 102.1 - Belovodsk-Troitskoye

Programs and projects Pulse Radio:

  • Fairytale chest - fairy tales for children.
  • Around the World - about travel and tourism.
  • Details 15.30 and 19.30.
  • Press review - news analysis.
  • Interviews - interesting express interviews.
  • Art Cafe - art and creativity.
  • Aspect - communication with businessmen and deputies of local self-government bodies.

Radio Pulse listen online live. Listen to the informative radio station. Dance for good, popular music. Bestradio.FM - listen to FM radio on the Internet.

Streams, PulsFM broadcast channels:

  • 320 kbps
  • 128 kbps
  • 64 kbps
  • 32 kbps

Radio Puls FM Украина
Contacts radio Pulse FM:
Lugansk region, city Severodonetsk, st. Vilesova, 1

10.12.2019 Radio Puls FM — UA
Слухати Пульс 103.5 FM - українською
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