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Quick Overview: An unforgettable sound of flamenco guitar, beautiful melodies filled with stringed instruments and singing and dancing. Listen to the radio and enjoy the Flamenco guitar energetic melodies. Contact radio and online guitar school: +34 (65) 653-21-59 Fresadores 35 28939 Arroyomolinos (Madrid) Spain Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Flamenco Guitar Society.
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Radio Flamenco guitar - Spanish online radio station broadcasts music and podcasts, as well as interviews and guitar flamenco courses. From the city of Madrid held broadcasting unique flamenco music.
Flamenco folk music of Andalusia (South-Spain) is the art of dance, singing and guitar music.

Our company SFGS trains professionals musicians flamenco guitar. And you can also enjoy performances and workshops and musicians for any occasion.

How to learn to play guitar?
Lessons from the most influential musical schools are now available on the Internet, learn to play guitar flamenco, even while at home or away. Learn to play the guitar is simple and easy! Guitar classes - lessons online with a certified teacher-musician. Quality learning to play the guitar.

Our experts play guitar teacher:
Jose Deluna - Flamenco guitar master's degree
David Duran - Guitar accompaniment
Pablo Luis Romero - Classical Flamenco Guitar
Mirza Redzepagic - Flamenco Guitar International
James Stevenson - Spanish flamenco through
Sonia Cortez - Flamenco Singing

Price for teaching guitar:
Online Courses Flamenco Guitar - (180 hours / 12 weeks) - 2500 €

See the techniques of flamenco guitar and video tutorials, order. Flamenco Listen radio online free live broadcast of educational and musical radio station in high quality sound - Flamenco Guitar Society.

Contact radio and online guitar school:
+34 (65) 653-21-59
Fresadores 35
28939 Arroyomolinos (Madrid) Spain

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Слухати Гітари фламенко - українською
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