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Music plays in the style of pop шансон музыка 70-х музыка 80-х музыка 90-х музыка 2000-х 1960-70 Quick Overview: Radio and music for the Russian people - chanson, pop music classics of the 20th century, romantic and dance music. Listen to online radio for everyone. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Radio Media Company Setmedia developing regional media business. The company was founded in 2007. New radio station broadcasting your own soul will delight all listeners. We present our own music and entertainment products - online radio channels.
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15 cities covered broadcasting companies Setmedia network
33 Radio in all regions of Russia
2.5 mln. People potential listeners of radio stations
15 popular channels relayed from network partners
5 formats of radio programs for their own broadcast, registered as media

List of online radio "medianet" company

Radio "Convertible"

listen to songs, Russian chanson, composition and music with beautiful themes for excellent restaurant recreation. Listen to urban romance and relax in good company with music Cabriolet.

Radio "Sunshine"

English and Russian popular dance music is in the air online radio. Gold hits dance music set the rhythm and dynamism, courage and excellent mood. Youth and freshness are the main asset - Solar radio. Show and entertainment programs in conjunction with modern soundtracks create a good mood.

Radio "Moscow Nights"

A selection of well-known songs of the Soviet period from 1930 - 1980 years. Hits music and hits by the USSR sound for you and create an atmosphere of "Moscow Nights."

Radio "Golden Age"

The songs are remembered and even sing the millions of people hit music the last 30 years. The best collection of "golden tones" of popular music of the 1980s - 2010s golden age.

Radio "Natalie"

Romantic mood creates beautiful lyrics, soft and gentle, lovely playful music. Bouquet of pop songs and lyrical compositions of the 20th century, interspersed with contrasting dance tracks dynamic contemporary music. Alternating they create a wonderful and original - active romantic impact.

Radio online free listen to a lot of online radio channels, "Solar", "The Golden Age," "Natalie, "Moscow Nights" and Radio "Convertible".

20.07.2017 Radio Setmedia — RU
Слухати Радіо кабріолет - українською
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