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Karnaval radio.
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Radio Karnaval - 92.8 Moscow radio station, broadcasts popular foreign songs and music. Listen to live the best English-language hits of famous performers, hourly news bulletins, reports of traffic jams in Moscow, interviewed the pop star in the radio studio. Excellent selection titled greatest hits and novelties direct current pop music. Gold foreign hits and new popular songs perfectly organized in rotation Karnaval and like all students.

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Programs in the wake of the radio:

Raffle - call the studio and take away valuable gift.
Morning show program - Bright morning Vera Shakhova
"Faith, I do not believe!" play games and win prizes

List of sounding singers on the radio station "Karnaval":

Bruno Mars
Chris Rea
Lady Gaga
Michael Jackson
Maroon 5
Mylène Farmer
Ace of-Bays
Elton John
Enrique Iglesias
and many other groups, singers and musicians.

Radio Online "Karnaval" to listen for free with good sound quality. Live broadcast is available to students from any part of the world.

Radio Karnaval Contact:
Country Russia
Moscow city
Str. Valovaya, 32/75, p.1
Studio Live 8 (495) 97-93-928

25.08.2020 Radio Karnaval 92.8 FM Moscow — RU
Слухати Радіо Карнавал - українською
Слушать Karnaval radio - на русском

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