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Volna Schastiya.
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"Volna Schastiya FM" - Christian non-profit internet radio station created 22.01.2010 leads online broadcasting from Moscow. Listen to the broadcast songs in praise of God and to bring to the disclosure of rhetorical questions about spiritual self-knowledge, development and formation of personality. The rotation of the radio music and songs that inspire all students a good Russian-language Christian music.

"I will follow thee, Lord," - Volna Schastiy
Radio emits enormous love and faith. Divine power is present in every word of the song. Who is in search of spiritual support forces, listen to and appreciate the power of words Bozhego.
Listen to the broadcast wave of happiness music and songs of Christian themes and online sermons. Also present Christian programs and audiobooks - Volna Schastiya FM.

13.03.2018 Radio Volna schastiya FM — RU
Слухати Хвиля щастя - українською
Слушать Volna Schastiya - на русском

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