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Music plays in the style of музыка 80-х музыка 90-х Quick Overview: Golden retro hits on Radio_С listen online for free from Yekaterinburg. Listen to music on the radio station 103.7 FM music, and the best songs of the eighties and nineties. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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RadioC is a Russian radio station that broadcasts from the city of Yekaterinburg. Listen RadioC 103.7 FM radio can be using in ECX and online on the Internet.
The radio station broadcasts in the music rotation - the best Gold hits, songs and music of the 80s and 90s.

RadioC Yekaterinburg 103,7 FM

Programs broadcast:
1. Birthday every day - from Monday to Friday 8:20
2. Lead err - listen on game day from 8:00 to 9:00
3. Incredible question - Mon - Fri 9: 1O
4. Astrological forecast Mon-Fri at 07:15, 9:15, 20:30 and 22:30; Sat-Sun 09:30 11:30 20:30 22: 3O (SMS 5577 + text "ROMANOVA, space, your zodiac sign" 18 rubles.)
5. Top Ten 12:15 and at 18: 3O - TOP 10 interesting facts about the witty every day
6. minute drive 8:10, 10:10, 18:10 and at 20:10 - the automobile news, test drives, and expert advice

Leading the live broadcast:
Korolev - Mon-Fri from 7 to 12
L. Filippov - Mon-Fri from 12 to 16; Sat from 16 to 24
R. Kalashnikov - Monday - Friday from 16 to 21; Sun 16 - 24
N. Letanin - Mon-Thu from 21 to 24; Sat-Sun from 9 to 16
E. and E. Katugina Pipia - News every hour read to you
Yakovlev daily 08-10, 10-10, 18-10 and 20-10

RadioC online free listen to Yekaterinburg

Care for homeless animals, looking for the owners of dogs and cats in the program "Living area" (the word SMS to the number 5544 CORNER - 35 rubles.) Listen to the radio station on the air using a service rating - online radio listen to everything! All lovers of the popular retro songs and music eighties and nineties recommend listening to 103.7 FM RadioС Yekaterinburg

07.04.2020 Radio C — RU
Слухати Радіо СІ - українською
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