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"Russian Mix" (RusMix) - for all fans of radio mix/remix (artificially processed) popular songs, they created the famous DJs or beginners. From St. Petersburg presented excellent remixes-known musical works of the past, and it is like a breath of refreshing drinks in hot weather, listen and want more. Radio allows you to hear original songs remixed the style of dance club music - Club Dance.

Listen radio "Russian Mix" online, Russia, St. Petersburg.

Do you like to listen to remixes of songs? Listen mixes Russian online!
The best mixes in excellent quality, stylized dance club music. Switch on and listen to Internet radio broadcast Russian Mix live. Sound vivid musical compositions with known musical motifs, they will replace any collection of music and 100% of guests you and your friends. Hear Russian MIX using our online service. - listen to the radio to hear the whole world.

World Russian songs and remixes mixes are open to you for unique dance radio waves - Russian Mix. The old songs in a new way sounding 24 hours and 7 days a week now Russian club broadcast the original project from the creators Russian Mix 2015 RadioRecord.

You will appreciate and admire unique club hits sonorous broadcast and learn songs artist no registration, just by clicking the "playing on the radio."

Russian Mix - 05.01.2017
Слухати Російський Мікс - українською
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