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Music plays in the style of pop dance музыка 2000-х музыка 2020-х Quick Overview: Listen to new Russian songs on the air of the Marusia FM radio station. For you, POP-style music, popular artists and tracks sound. And as the creators declare: "We are pleased to give a positive charge for each listener." Turn on the sound louder for you play Russian dance hits Marussia FM. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Marus FM.
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List of cities broadcasting radio Maroussia FM:
Alushta - 107.2 FM
Belgorod - 91.0 FM
Borisovka - 91.0 FM
Valuyki - 100.3 FM
Gubkin - 94.8 FM
Korocha - 89.4 FM
Sudak - 103.6 FM

15.06.2020 Radio Marusia FM — RU
Слухати Маруся FM - українською
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