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Music plays in the style of шансон Jazz pop Quick Overview: "Bridge radio" from Penza listen - a combination of legendary songs of famous singers 70s, 80s, 90s and modern, which are reduced to the notion of song styles: chanson, bard songs, jazz, pop. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Most - Bridge.
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Мост радиоMost radio - a popular musical entertainment station, broadcasting in Penza.

 Listen to Radio Most citizens are at a frequency of 102.8 MHz FM- range of their receivers.
Popular music radio stations - a combination of legendary songs of famous singers '70s, the tumultuous '80s, the difficult 90th and current years are reduced to the concept of "chanson ", "bard songs ", "Jazz"... Light music, understood by all and loved by many of our compatriots, playing non-stop broadcast of this wave. Its nice to listen to at home, at work, in the car - anywhere.
In addition to the music filling the air station attracts listeners and many entertaining, informative and information transfers, which in arsenle wave nasityvaetsya than a dozen.

You can hear recommendations avid gardeners in the "Ulachnye sovetu", congratulate your loved ones happy birthday in daily morning transfer to learn useful information about the tricks repair in "repairing the Large", order your favorite song in the program at the request of "Music Cafe" and many more.
Also worth noting is the original author of transfer stations. In particular, the transfer of Oleg Kroll night "Jazz for night owls" and "Rendezvous with art song", which is the permanent host of the popular singer Boris Shyhyn Penza.

 Enjoy the ether of the station, you can not just Penza but also broadcast on the Internet on our website Listen online radio bridge with us - that means to get a good mood, favorite content in high quality for free.

Listen to the radio online on Bridge and have only pleasant emotions.

20.10.2017 MOST RADIO — RU
Слухати Мост радіо - українською
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