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Music plays in the style of news Quick Overview: Echo of Moscow radio station broadcasts news and always up to date information about incidents and events in Russia and the world. News content through the air before many radio and TV. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Echo Moscow.
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Echo of Moscow - conversational Russian radio station information , which leads to broadcast more than 20 years . First call of the radio sounded August 22, 1990.
Listen Echo of Moscow are in more than 50 cities of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries and the United States. In Moscow, the wave carries information network broadcasting on the frequency 91.2 FM.

 In addition, the radio wave carries satellite and Internet broadcasting. Listen Echo of Moscow online can line speeds from 32 to 128 KB/s .
 Format Echo radio station - News / Talk. When this wave ratings are always very high. Referring to various studies, we can confidently say that the responsiveness of local journalists deserves the highest praise , because relevant information is almost always sounds earlier in this broadcast radio than in many other similar ones, and even on TV channels. His leadership is second only to the information station to several newspapers.

Echo of Moscow listen live at frequencies in the cities:
Barnaul 69.11
Blagoveshchensk FM 101,5
Upper Uslon (Kazan ) FM 105,8
Volgograd FM 101,1
Vologda FM 105,7
Irkutsk FM 69,50
Kirov FM 101,0
Lipetsk FM 105,6
Makhachkala FM 105,2
Moscow 73.82
Moscow FM 91,2
Nizhnevartovsk FM 107,0
Omsk FM 105,0
Orenburg FM 101,3
Penza FM 107,5
Perm FM 91,2
Rostov- on-Don FM 69,44
New FM 99,1
Saratov FM 105,8
Tambov FM 101,4
Tomsk FM 105,0
Tula FM 106,9
Tyumen 72.44
Ulan-Ude FM 102,8
Ufa FM 91,1
Chelyabinsk 73.97
Chelyabinsk FM 99,5
Yaroslavl FM 106,5

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