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Music plays in the style of Jazz classic Quick Overview: Recognize information and announcements about the phenomena of Russian culture. Radio culture of Russia online in Moscow at a frequency of 91.6 FM. Music is classical and modern, jazz and ethno. Pleasant melodies will please the soul and heart of listeners. Interesting discussions and authoring programs, informative and entertaining talk shows, historical headings, information about architecture, science. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Culture 91.6FM Moscow.
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Description Culture 91.6FM Moscow

Radio Culture Moscow 91,6 FM

Broadcast information and entertainment state radio station. The first radio broadcast took place on 1.11.2004. Culture radio online live broadcast. We broadcast on the territory of Moscow and the Moscow region. Listen on the radio: performances and literary readings, modern cultural progress, educational programs, interviews by scientific experts and educators, cultural workers.
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Programs on the air of the Radio Culture:

  • Acoustics
  • Balloon
  • Characters
  • Red Square
  • Lycabetism
  • Literary series
  • The best music of Europe
  • Moskvin news
  • Culture News
  • Opera XXI
  • Russian songs
  • Russian indie
  • Soundtrack
  • Serialism
  • Strong impression
  • Contemporary Poetry
  • Theme of the day
  • Hitrovka. Experimental space
  • Walking for the Three Seas
  • and others.

Radio Culture Moscow Russia 91.6 FM
Culture radio online to listen to live broadcast. A decent quality of broadcasting 128 kb/s. Listen to a great selection of radio stations along with

Contacts of radio station Culture:
Country Russia
Moscow city
Zip / Postal Code: 125040
ul. 5th Yamskogo Fields, 19-21
Phone: +7 (495) 6335565

15.06.2018 Radio Culture Moscow — RU
Слухати Культура 91.6 ФМ Москва - українською
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