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Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: Turn on the radio and your dreams will come true! Listen to disco music and popular hits on the air of one of the best radio in Runet. Selected lists of music performers. The basis of broadcasting Internet stations are Russian-language popular songs. Round-the-clock broadcasting 24/7 and 365 days a year. Listen and you will like.
Dreams Come radio.
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Russian Internet radio station. It broadcasts from the capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow. Listen to the wave of radio music tracks and popular songs in disco format. Fulfill your dreams, listening to your favorite music.
Popov invented a radio, and we broadcast it — Dreams radio

List, examples of artists on the air of the radio "Dreams Come True":

  • A-Dessa
  • Band ODESSA
  • BIFFGUYZ feat. Bodya
  • Herr Anton
  • M. Sheleg
  • Marina Alexandrova
  • Mobile blondes
  • Olya Polyakova
  • Palauskas Valery
  • Lieutenant Rzhevsky
  • Tatiana Chubarova
  • Trofim
  • Yuriy Shatunov
  • and many others.

Radio Dreams Come to listen in mp3 format 128kb/s., excellent sound quality. Listen to good music and let all your secret desires and dreams come true!
Radio Dreams Moscow Russia
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15.09.2017 Radio Dreams Come — RU
Слухати Мрії збуваються - українською
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