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Music plays in the style of news Quick Overview: Dagestan radio from Russia. The Tatar radio station broadcasts musical and entertainment programs. Selection of songs and musical compositions in Russian and Tatar. Listen to the radio and disclose the culture and musical traditions of Dagestan. The total number of the audience is 1 million 845 thousand people. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Vatan radio.
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Radio Vatan Dagestan

The first working broadcast was carried out in 2007. Music and entertainment, children's and sports, information and cultural and educational programs on the air radio Vatan. Learn about the events taking place in the world, Dagestan and Russia. We defend the state interests of Russia and create cultural enlightenment of peoples.
"Vatan" - callsign of love for the motherland

Cities of broadcasting radio:

  • Alburikent
  • Beliji
  • Buinaksk
  • Dagestan Lights
  • Derbent
  • Izberbash
  • Kaspiysk
  • Kizilyurt
  • Kizlyar
  • Kochubei
  • Leninkent
  • Mamedkala
  • Makhachkala
  • New Kyakhualay
  • Semender
  • Tarki
  • Khasavyurt
  • Shamkhal

Leading radio stations:

  • Abdulla Aliyev
  • Abumuslim Gitinomagomedov
  • Aliya Mejidova
  • Alfia Idrisova
  • Ahmad Istanbul
  • Bika İstanbul
  • Ilyas Kazak
  • Kamil Magayev
  • Muhammad Majidov
  • Sabrina Bagirova
  • Said Ibrahimov
  • Khadija Islamova

Radio Vatan Dagestan Russia
Vatan radio listen online live. Music for all listeners in the round-the-clock broadcast stream. Bestradio.FM - radio to listen to everyone.

Radio contacts:
The Republic of Dagestan.
address: 367000, the city of Makhachkala
Street Dakhadayev 136.
tel: 8 (9882) 930201
8 (964) 0069089

30.11.2017 Radio Vatan Dagestan — RU
Слухати Ватан радіо - українською
Слушать Vatan radio - на русском

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