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Music plays in the style of Rock Quick Overview: The radio station broadcasts Alau rock genre scenes of the last two decades. Listen to soft rock blend harmoniously with modern rock hits and Kazakh music. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Alau radio Almaty.
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Radio Alau - Regional Station musical entertainment in the city of Kostanay (Kazakhstan).
  Listen to the radio Alau locals can, using radios. In the FM-band frequency wave takes 100,7 FM. Also confident signal station can catch a radius of 70 km.

  The format of the popular regional wave - musical entertainment. Music filling the ether here, as in most other waves, focused on different genre compositions soft-rock world's best rock music at once and in one place the last two decades. Here you can hear the Russian-speaking and foreign composition 90, which blend harmoniously with contemporary hits and Kazakh music.

  Regarding the latter - Kazakh music - many here say. In particular, regularly published themed programs on Kazakh music scene, the life of its representatives, etc. Also here you can regularly hear the latest regional news as well as news of the world.

  In addition to good music and relevant information, radio Alau also regularly gives its students a wide variety of entertainment programs (Spazarantsy, Pochemuchka) show arranges interesting competitions, the winners of which will receive valuable and often exclusive gifts, interactive games and much more.

Sunday 12:00 for children 'Who Knows? "
Every morning from 7:00 to 9:00 "Spazarantsy"

You can also bring greetings to their loved ones that you hear on the air local programs on request, order a song, etc.

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Alau radio Almaty 22.06.2017 — KZ
Слухати Алау радіо Костанай - українською
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