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Music plays in the style of New-Year музыка 80-х музыка 90-х музыка 2000-х Quick Overview: Listen «PSR Radio» a top radio station in the territory of Saxony - modern Germany. Live sound popular song 1980-1990 period, contemporary music, Christmas songs and greatest hits in a special channel "Christmas PSR" Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
PSR Radio.
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Radio PSR - first private radio program in Saxony, founded in 1992
92.0 Plauen
98.0 oschatz
100.0 Chemnitz
101.0 Leba
102.4 Dresden
102.9 Leipzig

Tel: 0800 - 912-44-44
Studio: 0800 - 960-70-80

01.04.2018 Radio PSR — DE
Слухати PSR радіо - українською
Слушать PSR Radio - на русском

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