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Music plays in the style of dance Lounge Quick Overview: Listen to the radio Absolut. Radio broadcasts rock and pop ballads and light pleasant relaxing lounge music and hot modern songs live. Choose your favorite channel (Hot, Relax) and listen online. Contact: Absolute-Digital. Lilienthalstrasse 3c. 93049 Regensburg. Тел.: (0941)502-07-474 mail@absolutsoundcheck.de Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Absolute Radio.
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Absolut Radio - a popular German radio station is broadcast on frequencies FM, in the modes of DAB + (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and online. Broadcast radio stations held from Nuremberg.
In the air you hear the amazing quality musical compositions and including newscasts, Germany, Europe and the world.

Online Absolute Radio Germany.

Absolut Radio - an alternative to any musical player.

Three types of stream broadcasts: Hot-Absolute, Radio-Absolute, Absolute-Relax.
1. Rock-pop ballads and light pleasant music the past five years - Radio Absolute - hit songs for 5 years.
2. In the broadcast sound better top songs - music news Hot, Hot Absolute - modern dance radio. (Justin Bieber, Rihanna, David Guetta, Calvin Harris and others.)
3. Positive music - Relax Absolute - Listen to a relaxing lounge music (Whitney Houston, Leona Lewis, Joe Cocker, Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, James Blunt, and others.)
In the wake of Absolut Radio listen to everything from the hottest new products and hit songs of past years and ending with relaxing music. Choose a channel and listen to German radio station right now by clicking the Start button in the player. All the best that you can hear collected on the German web stream AbsolutRadio.

Play "Absolut Radio" online, Nuremberg, Germany.

Great music and songs for all tastes, listen to the live German radio Absolute. Listen in the player bestradio.fm site for convenience. Radio online free listen, and find out who the name of the performer and music without registration.

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