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Radio Glitch Hop - listen to the live broadcast of the American online radio DI from New York City USA. This sub-genre of contemporary electronic music, has an affinity with hip-hop.

Glitch Hop music

Glitch Hop - experimental electronic music that emerged in the mid-1990s in Germany. What is similar to Hip Hop but slightly slower pace, speed bumps ranging from 85 to 115 per minute. The main tool to create glitch hop tracks a computer. With the help of the software author makes cutting and gluing short samples into a single melody (cutting already created by another track). Bit itself is absent, and his replacement are used: noise rather short, quick knocks and clicks. The melodies are superior and constantly used various digital distortion using the acoustic effects of well-known variety of electronic sounds.

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10.04.2020 Radio FM Glitch Hop music USA — US
Слухати Глітч хоп радіо - українською
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