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Music plays in the style of Electro Quick Overview: Soulful and vibrant melodies, energetic musical compositions of electronic music. Listen to the radio show + guests in the studio. Information about the performers and musical news. Mixes and remixes from beginners and already starred DJs sound for you on the radio on the air. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
16Bit FM.
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Radio electronic music. An Internet radio from the Russian capital. Moscow radio station broadcasts the best electronic compositions. For this time we have already launched 3 channels of electronic music broadcasting and we do not plan to stop there. Play 16BitFM - all streams in the theme of modern electronic music, melodies are selected and systematized manually. We work for you around the clock 24/7 since 7.09.2005.

The list of thematic channels of radio 16BIT FM:

IDEA (I.D.E.A.) - the best electronic music for experienced listeners of this musical direction.
Cafe channel (Cafe) - listen to pleasant background music. Melodies are suitable for recreation and friendly conversations, and this music channel is good for creativity and work.
PROBIT channel (ProBeat) - Mixed electronic styles, groove and intelligent compositions + show radio show.

List of music artists that can be heard on the radio 16BitFM:

  • 11.8
  • Abelle & Beekeeper
  • Acos CoolKAs
  • Agent Smith
  • Alina Sequence
  • Ambidextrous
  • Andray Novak
  • Antonio Rishi
  • Arthur Deep
  • Bobina
  • BVoice
  • Cosmonaut
  • DEEP4WATER (DJ Sanches & MC Kapustin)
  • DJ Cactus
  • DJ Cosmic
  • DJ Denis A
  • DJ Geyser
  • DJ Great!
  • DJ Hardy
  • DJ Max Korovaev
  • DJ Smile
  • DJ Suhov
  • DJ Tenderlake
  • DJ Viper
  • DJ Yura
  • DJ Zmei
  • DJ Grad
  • DJ Kolya
  • DJ Oleg Ojo
  • DJ Echo
  • Elastic Sound
  • Grigory & Anthony
  • LATOR (Martin Landers Alexey Obraztsov)
  • Lazyfish
  • Magic B
  • Mango
  • Mike Spirit
  • Moroza_knozova
  • Murzin rocks Shulgin
  • Mutabor (Bachelor Party)
  • Natasha Urman
  • Oid (Alexandroid)
  • S.K.A.M
  • Serge Que
  • Silent Brothers
  • Sleepy Town Manufacture (Beautumn)
  • Tenthu
  • Tim Svodnik
  • TimQue
  • Unit 21
  • Vega Stereo
  • Yura Moorush
  • Alexander Bekleshov
  • Alexander Krasovsky (Melodika Young People's Technique)
  • Andrei Panin
  • Anton Kubikov (SCSI-9)
  • Arkady Air
  • Vadim Zhukov
  • Valera Stealth
  • Spring In Karl Johan Street
  • Victor Strogonov
  • Vlad Lozinsky (Tetris Step2Sun MosFamous)
  • Vladimir Trapeznikov
  • Volodya Proff
  • Volodya the Lantern
  • Dmitry Rubezhov (Tetris)
  • Christmas tree toys (EU)
  • Company DJ PRO
  • Pavel "Pate" Filippenko (FAQ)
  • Pavel Hotin (Tetris Sounds of Mu)
  • Pasha Kirillov
  • Sergei Vasilevsky ("Musynstinct")
  • Sergei Pimenov (Uplifto)
  • Glory Finist
  • Tina Charles

16Bit the radio to listen online in excellent sound quality. Choose a stream that is better or you like it more: 192kbps, 128kbps, 32kbps. Raise your spirits and your friends' companies by listening to the radio online at Bestradio.fm - the world of radio music in interactive mode.
Radio 16Bit FM Moscow Russia
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Moscow, Russia

10.04.2020 Radio 16Bit FM
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