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Music plays in the style of rnb dance Quick Overview: Youth radio KIF broadcast from Brussels Belgium country, broadcast the music of various genres - hip hop and RnB and other beloved youth music Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio K.I.F.
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Radio KIF - popular Belgian radio, which was founded in Brussels. To listen to Radio KIF you only need to go to, because recently, the station broadcast on the Internet.

About station K.I.F. - radio KIF 97.8 fm Brussels.
  Station name not decrypted. It just comes from the verb «kiffer», which refers to the slang and means "love" or "highly appreciate."
Wave focused on the youth audience, because it was originally focused on the musical styles such as hip-hop and R & B. But now the concept has changed little radio and Radio KIF online listening you will listen, and other popular music genres. Manual radio noted that the majority of stations is not limited to a few dance musical genres and tries to cover all species. Therefore, on Radio KIF was decided to mix different genres.

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  In the broadcast Internet radio, you will also hear interesting news information, which is not only music, but also socio-cultural sphere. Team, the station has about thirty people, including journalists and professional DJs (DJ Sam-g, DJ SelectaKilla, DJ Fullbass, DJ Emiliot, DJ Black Prince, DJ Oneted and others).
Wave also supports young artists and musicians, trying to get public opinion to their creativity.

Youth station became for many the only, and already favorite, because it promotes values such as openness, tolerance, respect, success and openness. For listeners Radio KIF online to stir up competition and entertainment.
To listen to the radio Radio KIF online with us, it is enough to visit our radio portal - Be a trend, just listen to the most popular music on Radio KIF

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