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Music plays in the style of dance pop Quick Overview: Pilot FM radio station of Minsk city with the most popular songs of the local artists and of course the world-famous artists, you can learn about the latest updates of musicians, listen and agree or condemn composition biggest winners of the world charts. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Pilot FM.
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PilotFM - Belarusian radio station broadcasting conducting their city Minsk, which is its capital.
Listen to FM radio pilot metropolitan residents are using their radios, pre- configuring them on the frequency 101.2 MHz in the FM-band. Also aired this wave available in the largest cities : Mogilev, Gomel, Grodno, Vitebsk, Brest and their areas.
First callsigns now one of the most popular country stations sounded almost ten years ago - in June 2003.
The station's format - music and entertainment.

Musical content Pilot FM - it's the best contemporary hits. Hear the radio broadcast of this can be the most popular songs of the local artists and internationally renowned artists whose songs are listened in almost every place in the world. Also often you can learn about the latest updates of musicians, listen and agree or condemn track winning the world's largest charts, etc.

In addition to musical direction, not less interesting is the entertainment part of the ether waves. So, here are regularly published a wide variety of programs, talk shows, interactive programs, contests and more. Highest ratings station bring the following: «3 hit», «MaxiFresh», «Club Radio», «TIP-TOP 20», «Hot Line», «Hot Shots», «SMS Express» and others.

Also not to mention the names of the leading permanent whose voices are constantly heard on Radio Pilot FM. This perky guys Dmitry Hives, DJ Mikis, Pauline Govorovsky, DJ Andrey Mixell, Anton and Dmitry Zhdanov Sankovich.
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Слухати Пілот ФМ - українською
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