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Quick Overview: Fulfill your spiritual needs for information. Listen to Christian melodies and psalms, Bible teachings. Information for people who want to understand God and his divine commandments. We will help you find the vital thread that connects with the divine beginning of the world, avoid self-deception in faith. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Christian radio 123.
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Belarusian Christian Internet radio from Gomel.
For the first time the radio "One Hundred and Twenty Three" aired on August 3, 2010. And 24/7 broadcasts 24/7 exclusively online on the Internet. Listening in the air of Christian radio 123 sermons and Christian music, Bible readings.
Strengthen your faith and spirit by listening to the sermons and reading the divine texts and literary programs.

Programs on the radio:

  • The best is yet to come
  • In the beginning, the ministry
  • Department
  • State of mind
  • Lessons from Solomon
  • You are my God

Listen to the Belarusian Christian radio and you will believe. Premium sound quality of the radio 123 with the support of - the world of online radio.
Contacts of radio station "123":
Country: Belarus.
City Gomel.

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Слухати Радіо 123 - українською
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