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Music plays in the style of news Quick Overview: News and information radio station broadcasts on the latest news and events occurring in the world news and analysis, art and music, science, religion and society - ABC National. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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ABC Radio - a non-profit radio station broadcasting information which manages the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Listen ABC National is very informative and interesting.
But if you try to talk chrede hear hits your favorite songs, we hasten to upset you - here you find him, except that the songs will be presented in the field of culture and art.

At the station, ABC National, which was founded in 1928, broadcast only programs that include news and discussions about social issues, culture or science. Behind this wave, if I may say so, a lot of events and experiences, which she shares with her audience.

In 2012, ABC National radio wave was renamed Radio National (RN) ABC радио, as well as a new slogan sounded station - «Your World Unfolding».

That sounds in the air?
Listen to the entire broadcast which is divided between the National 5 thematic layers: news and analysis, art and music, science, religion and society listen. In each of these groups include a list of specific programs.
For example, in the "News and Analysis" discussed issues of national and international issues that concern, the economy, politics, social policy and law. Space that belongs to the "art and music" filled discussion of contemporary art, the problems of contemporary music, reading plays and film analysis. Under the heading "Religion" analyzes on regional and ethical issues in Australia, "society" focuses on psychology, logic, metaphysics and ethics, and the program belonging to the "Science", as you've probably guessed it - tell us about the past discoveries in science and health.

Listen to the radio ABC National (Radio National) online without registration c most popular radio portal - very simple and absolutely free. Expand your horizons listen news and transfer music with us!

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