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Music plays in the style of Rock pop Quick Overview: 2ROC - 104.7 - one of the most popular stations in Australia, which began broadcasting in 1988. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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2ROC - 104.7 - one of the most popular stations in Australia, which began broadcasting in 1988. To listen 2ROC you do not have to fly to another continent, the wave has moved to the Internet broadcast mode and now, wherever you are, you can always using the portal bestradio.fm hear the voices of the leading and favorite music artists.

What are you listening to? - Listen to the radio and hear 2ROC pop music from around the world.

 Wave is aimed at people who belong to the age group of 18 to 40 years. To say that is to say, 104.7 - is a youth radio for modern and active personalities. This is evidenced by the very format of broadcast station that borrowed from their American counterparts. In the selection of music tracks for their air they are guided basis CHR. Abbreviation stands for Contemporary Hit Radio, and this means that only those 2ROC broadcasts music, who managed to take a leading position in the American or British radio charts.

 The main musical direction of internet radio - pop music. But unobtrusive composition in this style is often diluted with rock and dance songs. Here broadcast only what has already enjoyed tens of thousands of people and is sure to appeal to you.

To make online listening 2ROC more interesting for you in the studio working speakers that are about 15 entertainment shows. Team this wave tries to do everything in order to fully comply with the slogan of the station, which reads as follows: «Canberra's '# 1 Hit' Music Station». To be first must be able to always keep the brand, just look forward and not look back. And so does this wave and it seems that she is really good at.

With us — the most popular radio portal bestradio.fm - listen to Australian radio 2ROC online is always easy, and absolutely free. Be always on the wave of positive and move forward!

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