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Music plays in the style of народные песни Quick Overview: "Public Radio of Armenia" broadcasts live news broadcasts, entertainment programs and shows, folk music Armenian teams. Listen to music on the Radio of Armenia. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Public Radio of Armenia.
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Armenian Public Radio
Public Radio of Armenia (Armenian Public Radio) - popular Armenian radio station in the country, which gained its popularity among locals and among immigrants who are in different parts of the globe.

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The popularity of one of the most famous Armenian radio stations are not random, because the Public Radio of Armenia can listen to the best music of local artists, including folk songs from Armenian groups. The basis of the musical ether constitute behalf of the Armenian music industry, which makes it an extremely popular national awareness among Armenians.
In addition to music content, attracts listeners Public Radio of Armenia news of his ether. Among the many information and entertainment programs worth noting are very relevant and timely Armenian news, over flow that works great editorial and journalistic staff just listen. On the professionalism of the local news agency says his references to almost all the Armenian media.
In addition to news blocks, broadcast stations are constantly out a variety of educational programs, entertainment programs with local presenters, talk shows, contests, interactive programs and many interesting sections.

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  Listen to "Public Radio of Armenia" online is always a pleasure, but with us - and even comfortable! Enjoy the Armenian music and you just nice songs on the air!

20.08.2019 Public Radio of Armenia
Слухати Громадське радіо Вірменії - українською
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