Sevan radio 101.5 FM Armenia

Music plays in the style of news народные песни Quick Overview: Radio from Armenia. Listen to the broadcast at 101.5 FM. Good Armenian music sounds on the air. Information programs, news and shows for all listeners of Karapag, Lebanon and Armenia. Radio Sevan is available 24/7. Favorite Armenian songs will form a good atmosphere and will appeal to all listeners. Frequent guests in the studio will help to open the veil of awareness and problems of social issues and their solutions. The ether is filled with good energy and new stories. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Sevan radio 101.5 FM.
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Description Sevan radio 101.5 FM

Sevan Radio 101.5 FM

Listen to Radio Sevan online. Missionary programs, jazz music, melodies and songs of Armenian performers. For the first time on air the radio station left on October 27, 2007. Choose and listen to our radio, because we give to all the best minutes of listening and good mood.
Armenian music, show programs and news for the global audience.

List of programs on the radio:

  • Tasagan Yerayshdutyun
  • Aylazan Hartsazrujtzner
  • Jazz night
  • Kavat Me Sourdji Shourch
  • Shoghartsag

DJ radio stations:

  • ARA Jammothian
  • Jack Yakubian

Sevan radio 101.5 FM
Listen to Radio Sevan live. The qualitative sounding of the stream is 128 kb/s. Pleasant Armenian melodies sound for you with the help of BestradioFM service
Contacts of radio station Sevan 101.5FM:
Phone: +961-1567161 /2/3
Fax: +961-1567186
Khachaduryan Street,
Hedderlar Building, Beirut Ground Floor
Mobile number: + 961-70166060

30.05.2019 Radio Sevan — AM
Слухати Севан радіо 101.5 ФМ - українською
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