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A special collection of clean solo flutes. He plays music in styles from romance to Celtic, from classical and Native American to modern classics. Musical compositions for kind, romantic, creative and any other peaceful purposes....
  • Station name: Solo Flute
  • Category / Country: Web Radio
  • Broadcast Language: Only music
  • 12+
    Solo Flute
    Web Radio

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    Сольная флейта онлайн
    Listen to interesting and filling instrumental music.
    This collection is unique and consists of a clean solo flute that sounds in different styles. Starting from the romantic, light, modern classic, and ending with the Celtic.
    This music was created specifically for people who are engaged in creative activities to fill the atmosphere with romance, inspiration and peace.
    Listen to pure music and develop with us.
    Update Date: 16.06.2019 Internet radio Solo Flute
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