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Bossa Nova Radio listen online for free

Bossa Nova Radio
Beautiful and velvet, soft and sensual melodies with a tropical flavor, listen to great music in a live radio broadcast...
  • Station name: Bossa Nova Radio
  • Category / Country: The United States of America (USA)
  • Broadcast Language: Only music
  • 16+
    Bossa Nova Radio

    Listen Bossa Nova Radio

    Radio Bossa Nova - American radio station in New York (USA). Excellent composition of 100% pure Bossa Nova. For the first time this unique style originated in Brazil in the 2000s. It consists of mixed directions samba Biaou and relaxing jazz (cool jazz). In the broadcast radio plays a pure bossa nova. Soft and sensual melodies promote relaxation, harmonically complex and delicate, without rigid projectiles. Listen online music bossa nova and Brazilian feel sweet aromas in the air - Bossa Nova radio.
    Update Date: 08.03.2020 Radio Tunes Bossa Nova online from USA — US
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    1. Anna-Rebekka15 April 2016 10:34
      Отличная мягкая музыка. Бразилия я влюбляюсь в тебя!

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