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Lounge Radio
The background lounge music creates a mood of idle and helps escape and dream, relax and to concentrate and filled with fresh forces....
  • Station name: Lounge Radio
  • Category / Country: The United States of America (USA)
  • Broadcast Language: Only music
  • 16+
    Lounge Radio

    Listen Lounge Radio

    "Lounge Radio" - is a simple and quiet background music melodies specially created for the formation of the festive mood. Light music with jazz improvisation, the kind of music to listen to true relaxation and enjoyment. Often melodies cantilena-lounge sound in shopping malls, restaurants and shops in the hotel lobby.
    The term "Lounge" includes different genres: jazz, electronics, bossa nova, jazz eysid. This music is used as a transition when changing fields in dance clubs, it makes it possible to escape and relax, as a pause, a break between the previous actions. For the modern educated person "Lounge" is a state of mind, an idle way of thinking, a good taste in fashion, recreation. Inhale on the full breasts and gently distract and dream. Listen Lounge Radio Crooze online free, live broadcast of the idle state, relaxation and relaxation - Lounge radio.
    Update Date: 02.03.2020 Radio Lounge music online from USA — US
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    1. Fedor SaM20 March 2016 12:30
      Уникальная музыка для мечтаний, слушаю и визуализирую свои желания.
    2. Вера28 May 2020 19:57
      На каком устройстве (кроме смартфона) по средней цене с нормальным звуком доступна эта станция для прослушивания без наушников во время велопоездки?
    3. Вера13 November 2020 05:54
      Как сегодня сюда в #9 попала ненавистная реклама?
      Пришлось отключить музыку.

      Из - за рекламы на Лаунж Радио #9:
      "- Мам, я устал.
      - Иди ко мне на ручки..." - второи день без музыки.
      Т.е. на 1-ом месте - не слушатели.
      А так нравился канал.
      1. Вера19 November 2020 10:16
        Реклама 1 раз; терпимо.

    Гороскоп на каждый день

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