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Meditation Radio
Self-knowledge through music for meditation. Listen Meditation music and get a deep relaxation and concentration of internal energy....
  • Station name: Meditation Radio
  • Category / Country: The United States of America (USA)
  • Broadcast Language: Only music
  • 16+
    Meditation Radio

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    Meditation Music - a audio-musical accompaniment of the process of internal self-development and self-discovery. Listening to you to unload and body relax, relieve stress, aligned heart rate stabilizes heartbeat and breathing rate, sounding tunes you relax, muscle tension disappears gradually. Enjoy the sounds of musical tones for spiritual practices and meditation. Music for Meditation creates a soothing effect to the soul, your mind and the senses creating a dialogue with the self-consciousness. Meditation Music Edition is a creative progress. Play for entry into the static and dynamic meditation. Convey your soul to the heavens listening music promote meditation and ascended perception relaxation. Enjoy the sounds of musical tones for spiritual practices and meditation.
    Update Date: 02.03.2020 Radio Meditation music online
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    1. Bohdan Bond6 March 2016 10:57
      А как определить толкование того что увидел в момент медитации? Кто пробовал медитировать и что вы увидели? У меня было белое сияние и мягкие теплые лучи протекали сквозь меня сог ревая и покачивая как на волнах..
    2. Eva 26 March 2016 11:39
      Прекрасное радио! Включаю, когда занимаюсь йогой.
      Помогает освободиться от шума современной жизни))
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