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Kiev FM radio
Radio Kiev 98 FM has a very diverse music format. The main live broadcast is occupied by compositions and popular songs of Ukrainian performers. It can be described as 80% of songs by Ukrainian performers, table songs and pop music of the 80s and 1990s, foreign songs, hits, and also city news....
  • Station name: Kyiv Radio 98 FM
  • Birthday:29 марта 2004 года
  • Category / Country: Ukraine
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • Bitrate:128kb/s|64kb/skb/s
  • 16+
    Kiev FM radio

    Listen Kiev FM radio

    Radio Kiev 98 FM is a useful wave for all residents of the capital, because every half hour on its air exhaustive news of the city sounds. In addition, the wave keeps its listeners up to date with all the changes in the world of music, cinema, domestic showbiz and life in Kiev.
    "The most famous songs of Ukrainian artists"

    Description of the radio Kiev fm

     The motto of Radio Kiev 98 FM is “We know what to do at home!”. Under this banner Radio Kiev 98 FM can be listened to for several years now. The minus of the radio station is the small coverage area - only Kiev. The musical format of Radio Kiev 98 FM is very diverse: it can be described as 80% of songs by Ukrainian artists, table songs, as well as the best foreign music, pop songs that came to us from the turbulent 80s and severe 90s.

    List that sounds live

    1. Pop songs of 70-80s: B. Gmir, N. Matvienko, N. Yaremchuk, N. Gnatyuk, Vodograi and others.
    2. Get inspiration from music and pennies created during the restoration of Ukraine’s independence. You will hear the creations of such performers: O. Bilozir, A. Kudlay, Pavel Zibrova, V. Pavlik, Ivo Bobul, Natalia Mogilevskaya and others.
    3. The pleasure of today's relevant music performed by Ukrainian pop stars: NeAngely, Loboda, Serdyuchka, Alekseev, Tina Karol and others.
    4. Folk songs in modern processing will delight many listeners and add a twist to the broadcast of Radio Kiev.
    5. World foreign hits occupy 20% of the broadcast and originally complement all the best songs from Ukrainian musicians.
    Also on Radio Kiev you will hear programs that help to overcome stress, carry out rehabilitation and establish personal life for each listener of Kiev 98 FM radio.

     Radio waves are diluted with interesting information projects. Gardeners "hang" on the program "Garden and the City: Schodennik of the Kiev summer resident", who want to know a lot about famous personalities and their lives - on the show "Spiker-Time-Persona", in the author’s program "Khudsovyt" you can get a look at past musical eras and their individual representatives, as well as a laugh during the program "Anecdotes vid kumіv" and dance to "Dance in Ukrainian".

    From the interactive radio station, one can distinguish the programs “Privit to obid” and “Delivery of privitan”.

    If you once visited Kiev, accidentally stumbled upon Radio Kiev 98 FM, it was very pleasant to listen to you, and at home, wherever you are, you miss it - do not rush to get upset. Listen to Radio Kiev 98 FM online - no worse and also free.

    Listen to online Radio Kiev 98 FM with us is a pleasure.


    Country Ukraine
    Owner: KP Radiostantsiya Voice of Kiev
    Address: Kiev, st. Degtyarivska, house. 37, 6th floor
    Phones: (044) 454-00-20 (RA)
    (044) 454-00-33 (St.)
    (044) 454-00-34 (holes)
    Fax: (044) 454-00-35

    Update Date: 07.10.2020 Radio Kyiv 98 FM — UA
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    1. Катруся Легенька7 September 2016 11:40
      Чудове радіо, гарні пісні можна послухати, рекомендую)))
    2. Анатолий20 February 2017 17:54
      отличная Украинская музыка - рекомендую слушать всем!

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