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Jam FM 95.6 Kyiv listen online for free

Jam FM 95.6 Kyiv
To listen to Jam FM means to keep abreast of all the newest domestic hits and songs of post-Soviet collectives, as well as to remember popular songs of legendary rock performers every day with love and trepidation....
  • Station name: Jam FM radio
  • Category / Country: Ukraine
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 16+
    Jam FM 95.6 Kyiv

    Listen Jam FM 95.6 Kyiv

    Jam FM radio - wave, which complies with the unique philosophy for himself and his audience: it strives to be distinctive, original, unique and unrepeatable.
    And now more than 7 years it 's really possible.

    "Jam FM" - is one of the first radio stations in Ukraine, which could collect on the same wavelength all domestic rock fans and rock and roll on one wave, the wave in the truest sense of the word - 95.6.

      Listen Jam FM radio - it is a pleasure: there's very little advertising compared to other radio stations, sound only rock rhythms and your favorite music twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.
    Glamor, pop and jeans - it's not jam fm radio format. Only rock, just rock'n'roll !
     Another popular feature is the love radio, promotion and popularization of Ukrainian music all in the same styles. Listen
    Jam FM it means to be aware of all the latest hits and songs of domestic groups post-Soviet space, as well as with love and awe every day to remember the popular songs of legendary rock artists.

     Listen Jam FM — is also an opportunity to keep abreast of developments in the world of modern rock'n'roll, as well as the most important and interesting news in the world.
    Leading advocate Jam FM radio listeners favorites Andrew Bosporus, Yuri Petrovich and Lana Vulkanova. They are inherent not only interesting professional quality, but also a fair one, is not inherent in most of their colleagues in the radio studio - unobtrusive.
     Less Jam FM radio - rather weak coverage, so it can catch a wave in only a few cities.
    But with us - online radio - everyone can join the community of Ukrainian rock fans and rock and roll. Radio Online Jam FM with us - always fun and free and most importantly enjoyable.

    Jam FM / JamFm
    Radіostantsіya s Ukrainy
    Houses - 95.6 MHz
    E- Mail:аа
    Vlasnik: TOV TRK Zoloti Gate
    Krajina: Ukraine
    Address: UA
    Phone: (044) 501-10-74
    Fax: (044)502-00-11

    Update Date: 03.05.2020 Radio Jam FM Kiev — UA
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    1. Елена Богданова18 April 2020 17:14
      Здравствуйте! Огромнейшее спасибо за такой удобный сайт для поиска нужных станций, есть вкладки по жанрам, странам. И права, не зря называетесь BestRadio FM. Довольно долго искала именно радио Джем ФМ и безумно благодарна за то, что оно здесь есть. По дороге на работу могу насладиться и хорошо провести время. Ценю это радио за ненавязчивость новостей, нет лишней суеты вокруг коронавируса, например. Это одна из самых любимых станций для меня. Ещё не встретила более интересную и уникальную. Ещё раз, огромнейшее спасибо, желаю удачи и терпения в вашей работе, а разработчикам здоровья и вдохновения.

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