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Romance live broadcasts various musical styles and has no territorial boundaries, racial prejudices and time frames: these are romantic ballads, lyrical hits, romantic covers of popular songs, and many other beautiful songs....
  • Station name: Romantic radio
  • Category / Country: Russia
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 16+

    Listen Romantika

    The Moscow radio station Romance, after appearing on the air (from 2011) and to this day, retreats hearts and makes them beat more often in a fit of romantic delight.

    Listen to the radio Romance

    Radio station "Romance" broadcasts from the capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow. On the radio station you can listen to the melodic and lyrical best romantic compositions and songs.

    Radio Romance - Moscow radio station, which began broadcasting not so long ago - January 25, 2011.
    You can hear the Romantika radio by tuning your radios to 98.8 FM.

     It’s too early to talk about some well-established concept of this radio station, since it only gets on its feet and probes the soil under its feet.
    But Radio Romance already has some results - let the small but solid core of Moscow radio amateurs, which gradually grows big lump. As the founders themselves say about their brainchild, Radio Romance was created especially for people who are gentle, purposeful, open, with hope in their hearts.


    Morning on Romance
    Hotline Romance
    Male Astrology
    La Machine ”- a program about women and cars.
    Big Forest - music of the universe

    Leading Radio Romantics:

    Stas Danilin
    Dmitry Zagorsky
    Dima Weber
    Dmitry Kreminsky
    Ilya Afanasyev
    Listen to radio Romance
    The whole essence of the youth radio station Romance is conveyed by its slogan, under which it conquers the Moscow radio spaces, striving for primacy: Listen! Feel it! Dream on!

    The musical broadcast of Romance

     The musical design of Radio Romance has no territorial boundaries, racial prejudices and time frames: these are romantic ballads, and lyrical hits, and romantic covers of popular songs, and many other beautiful songs.
    The most romantic radio is Romantika

    Catch your "romance" at the frequency of reception:

    Volgograd FM 98.8
    Izhevsk FM 96.2
    Kazan FM 92.3
    Kostroma FM 71.00
    Krasnodar FM 90.6
    Krasnoyarsk FM 92.7
    Moscow FM 98.8
    Nizhny Novgorod FM 96.8
    Novosibirsk FM 97.4
    Omsk FM 101.5
    Perm FM 89.8
    Samara FM 105.4
    Saratov FM 87.9
    Sochi (Krasnodar) FM 106.1
    Ulyanovsk FM 91.4
    Chelyabinsk FM 96.0

    Despite the great competition in the Moscow radio broadcast, the young radio station is slowly but surely making its steps towards popularity and the dream of becoming the pearl of the FM band!

    Not all romantics have gathered in Moscow, are they? So we think that not all. Therefore, we invite everyone to pack up and listen to Radio Romance online.
    Radio romance online broadcast listen on the best Internet radio portal. Romance is important for everyone, because it is a particle of love and joy. The romantic mood creates understanding in the family! Be aware of what is playing on the radio station - listen to the romantic Best audio stream.

    Contacts of the radio station Romantika 98.8 FM

    Vlasnik: Movna Corporation Prof-Media
    Addresses: Moscow, vul. 8 Birch, 8 bldg. 1
    Phones: + 7- (495) -258-33-44
    Fax: + 7- (495) -101-40-41
    Director: VKPM President - Oleksandr Varіn.
    Artistic Kerivnik - Alla Pugachova.

    Update Date: 15.03.2020 Radio Romantic music — RU
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