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Autoradio radio broadcasts aired hits, songs and music of 80's, 90's and of course brand new compositions.
Autoradio online listening is always pleasant and informative.
Most popular in the program can be considered Autoradio "People News", "Stars Autoradio", "Disco 80", «Invision», «Murzilki Live», «Avtoledi» and many other equally interesting programs.

 Autoradio can listen live on the receiver frequency in many cities....
  • Station name: Avtoradio
  • Category / Country: Russia
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 16+

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    Autoradio - radio station, which began broadcasting in Russia, but in nearly 20 years of work has gone far beyond its borders.

     Over many years of Autoradio got his own business card, which has led to numerous parties called " Disco 80 ", every year thousands of people in the biggest cities of broadcasting.
    Not hard to guess that the greatest love listening Autoradio drivers. It was under their interests and make broadcast radio stations, selecting music content for hits of the 80 's, 90 's and brand new compositions.

     As its target audience founders radio trying to keep abreast of all the main news in the world of broadcasting countries and their regions and to entertain different opinion programs.
    Autoradio can also listen to a radio amateur from Ukraine, Abkhazia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Georgia, Latvia and Mongolia. Altogether Autoradio can listen to more than 1,300 cities.

    Despite the vast territory covering this page, not everywhere you can catch it on the usual wave radios. In this case, nothing remains as Autoradio listen online.

    Autoradio listen online with us - the best online radio portal - always handy, easy and completely free. Listen to your favorite radio online at and have fun.
    Update Date: 20.05.2020 AvtoRADIO æ RU
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