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Pioner FM radio broadcasts music symbiosis 90s and 2000s and your favorite songs and artists collectives that period. Pioner listen to your favorite music on our radio!...
  • Station name: Pioneer FM
  • Category / Country: Russia
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 18+
    Pioner FM

    Listen Pioner FM

    Pioner FM
    Pioner FM - commercial radio entertainment, which began broadcasting from the heart of the Russian Federation in November 2009.
    Listen to FM radio Pioner in Moscow can be at a frequency of 94 FM. Apart from the capital of Russia, also you can hear the radio in Zlatoustova from recently and several other Russian cities.

    For a pretty short period of time on radio Pioner survived many: changed the name disappears and reappears in the FM-band, changing concepts. But passed all tests of fate, the radio still found his vocation and place in the hearts of listeners.

    First of all, it is worth noting the musical part of the ether, which is the foundation of any radio station this nature. Pioner FM radio can listen to those most hits on which grew the modern youth - people age group 18-30 years.

    Live Pioner FM:
    Moscow FM 94,0 MHz

    Music Pioner wave - a symbiosis of the '90s and 2000s. At Pioner can listen to FM composition artists and collectives: «Gaza Strip», «Hands Up», «Zemfira», «Kar-Man», «Ivanushki International», «Propaganda», «La Bouche», «virus» and many others, familiar to us from childhood, youth...
    Also not to mention the popular parties, which are organized by Pioner radio FM. This is the " Disco Pioner FM», which are regularly held in different parts of the country and collect many music lovers of the past decades.

    In addition to music, of course, Live FM radio Pioner fill various gears, which are the leading Andrei Chizhov, Andrew Taskaev Anastasia Mazurenko (Nastya O), Alexander Madich, Eugene Jaroslavna Agatha Hluschevskaya Svetlana Permjakova Eugene Glotikov (DJ JIM), Igor Viktor Travin, Radik Yarullin (DJ Radik ), Sergey Stone, Pavel Pankov, Alexander Popov, Barzunova Masha, Dasha Zhukova, Oleg Syarheenka (DJ Oleg-OFF) and Igor Rasteryaev.
    Listen to FM radio Pioner online can not only broadcast in its cities. All you need - to use the best online radio portal
    Update Date: 07.08.2019 Radio Pioner FM music — RU
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