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On Air Radio DFM constantly communicates with the audience some of the leading or DJs, DiFm translates light dance and popular music...
  • Station name: DFM radio
  • Category / Country: Russia
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 18+

    Listen DFM

    Radio DFM - Moscow radio station, began broadcasting in 2000. Since that time it has significantly strengthened by expanding its coverage every year and raise their ratings.
    To date, listen to the radio DFM (Dynamite FM) are citizens of more than 200 Russian cities.
    Among Moscow's commercial radio stations DiFM confidently holds the leading position in the rankings and is constantly rising to their heights.

     Live music filled radio dFm songs with positive energy and a constant drive: pop dance music and light. Here sound track domestic and foreign artists, as well as new items of club music and even live sets Russian DJs.
    Of course, the musical content is not all, for they love to listen to radio DFM Russian amateurs.

     At the radio station constantly communicates with the audience some of the leading DJs or during their opinion programs which include 3DMix, Reality All Inclusive, show D-News, Rashn Dance, Dinamika, Wish List, Pirates of the Gulf of Finland, Russia Goes Clubbing, Party-Time, D-jump 90, Record Box, D-Chart, PreParty, Lounge Hall and many others.

    The greatest part of the ether give the most popular presenter, such as: Roman Alexandrov, Olesya Trifonov Timur Belov, Natasha Malec, Big Dance Mouse (BTM), Sergey Riga In Da Mix and others.

    If you listen to the radio DiFM you for whatever reason you can not, it always can be done online.
    Listen radio DFM online you can on one of the largest online radio portals Listen to the radio online with us, it's always handy, fun and free!

    Broadcast radio DiFM by cities:
    Moscow - FM 101,2
    Pskov - FM 104,6
    St. Petersburg - FM 103,4
    Samara - FM 102,9
    Saransk - FM 106,3
    Smolensk - FM 105,6
    Surgut - FM 104,6
    Tomsk - FM 103,8
    Tula - 72.71
    Ufa - FM 91,5
    Novosibіrsk - FM 103,9
    Іzhevsk - FM 107,0
    Vologda - FM 103,2
    Voronezh - FM 104,3
    Bilyy Yar (Surgut) - FM 107,1
    Vladivostok - FM 105,3
    Makhachkala - FM 99,5
    Orenburg - FM 104,3
    Rostov - FM 67,10
    Rostov - FM 104,6
    Yakutsk - FM 102,0
    Update Date: 03.09.2019 Radio DFM Moscow — RU
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    1. Tasha Tankistka22 March 2016 13:10
      Танцую под музыку DFM лучшие дэнс треки, слушай или танцуй на выбор.
    2. chekynovana3 May 2020 11:09
      Это единственное радио которое можно слушать и не устать в нашей стране. Скучной и унылой музыки нет, особенно круто слушать в машине! Один раз даже приз выиграла от этого радио, но это так к слову.
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